About Dirt Alley Design

michelle chandra of dirt alley design, generative artist

I Create the Art I'd Like to Own: Fun, Interactive, Eye-Catching

I create the kind of art that will remind you of childhood. The kind of art that will stop your friends in their tracks when they realize my maze maps are more than just a map, or my spirograph prints are no ordinary spirograph. The kind of art that speaks to a love for math and science, cities and travel - exploring the world, curious about the unknown. 

Maps have long been a compass to guide adventure. But I believe maps don't have to be real to feel true. In 2016, I invented maze maps in which I transform city maps into solvable mazes. My map art is more than just decorative, it's a real puzzle you can get lost in. Can you solve them all?

Spirograph Art: Designed with Data

In October of 2019, I released my second print collection - Endless Forms Most Beautiful. My spirograph art prints are created programmatically, but the designs are reminiscent of the forms created by toy spirographs you might have played with as a child (or as an adult!) The radially symmetric designs are the result of an algorithm that places shapes rotating around a central point based on the frequency and amplitude of waveforms. Out of pure mathematics and code, delicate and finely detailed forms arise reminiscent of origami, mandalas, flowers, and other *beautiful things*! 

spirograph art print generative art creative code

My spirograph art prints are derived from the frequency and amplitude of a combination of mathematical waveforms such as sine and cosine. From the abstraction of math arises eye catching and highly detailed geometric designs.

Made in California with a DIY Ethos

Screenprinting Chicago maze map

I screen print each maze map by hand using a homemade vacuum press, which eliminates the need to use toxic adhesives to hold the paper in place during printing. I use paper made in the USA from French Paper Co and non-toxic, eco-friendly inks from Speedball, Jacquard and Permaset Aqua.

axidraw drawing art print

Each spirograph print is drawn to order using a robotic drawing machine - the Axidraw by Evil Mad Scientist Labs. I use a variety of archival pens for each print including gelly roll and micron pens by Sakura, and coptic multiliner pens.

Giving Back

I donate prints to local causes including providing survivors of the 2017 Sonoma County fire with new home decor. Please contact me if you are a non-profit interested in a donation of map prints! 

A Little Bit About Me

Dirt Alley Design founder Michelle ChandraMichelle Chandra studied programming, data art and cartography at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program where she earned her Master's degree (that's a fancy way of saying she's got the know-how to make cool map art).

For her Master's Thesis, she created an interactive map visualization that let you see sunrises and sunsets around the world on Instagram in real-time! Her graduate work has been featured in many publications including the Daily Mailthe Washington PostEngadgetGizmodo, the Creator’s Project and the Weather Channel. 

Michelle founded Dirt Alley Design just off a dirt alley in San Francisco in December of 2016. After working for several years at a web mapping startup, Michelle decided to pursue her entrepreneurship dreams full time in 2018.

When Michelle isn't busy designing cool map art, she enjoys exploring the great outdoors and rock climbing.


I think my art prints are pretty cool, but don't take just my word for it! My maze maps have been featured in the Chicago Tribune, Forbes, Print Mag and Vice, to name a few!