Spirograph & Generative Art Prints

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In August of 2019, I started a 100 Day Project in which I drew with a robotic drawing machine spirograph-ish designs created from a program I wrote in graduate school. I continue to post new designs on the daily on Instagram! 

These intricate designs are a celebration of symmetry and the concept of emergence - when rotating a simple shape over and over again by modulating waveforms, a bigger pattern emerges. The designs can look and feel like fabric, natural forms, or can be more abstract and retro graphic.

A curated selection of designs are available here for purchase! Each print is UNIQUE and drawn and shipped by me to order using an Axidraw pen plotter and a variety of pens and markers. Learn more about what spirographs are and why I make art with code.

I also offer a smaller selection of designs as spirograph stickers and limited run t-shirts.