Limited Edition Ombre San Francisco Poster | 12X12 Maze Art

Limited Edition Ombre San Francisco Poster | 12X12 Maze Art

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12 inch by 12 inch city map, signed by the artist
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Wander the streets of San Francisco with our a-mazing maze maps! San Francisco based artist Michelle Chandra designs each maze map by hand using the actual street grid data of different cities. The San Francisco maze starts at the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, find your way to Sutro Tower! Each San Francisco poster comes with an extra maze print you can actually solve.

We screenprint each print by hand on a homemade vacuum screenprinting press using materials sourced locally in the US including non-toxic, environmentally-friendly inks. This limited edition ombre print is created at the end of our rainbow gradient print runs. We mix up the remaining rainbow gradient ink on the screen to create prints with unique and wild ombre streaks. Your print will be similar to those pictured but entirely unique. We only print 2-3 of these after each gradient print run creating a truly unique piece of art only you will own! 

Test your maze solving prowess with our unique maze art! This fun and interactive city map appeals to people of all ages (including kids!) and makes a great San Francisco gift.

The San Francisco maze map is just one in a series of city maps that combine mazes and maps. Check out more of our 
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Printed by hand using non-toxic environmentally friendly ink, comes without a frame. If you are based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Cheap Pete's offers pre-made poster frames.