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Limited Edition Ombre Oakland Print | 11X14 Map Art

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11 X 14 inch signed Oakland poster

My Oakland maze map will take you back to childhood when you solved mazes with pen and paper. (Remember those days!?) This original map art will be a conversation starter in your home as guests realize it's not a map; it's actually a solvable maze. That's right, it's a maze you can solve! Designed using the actual streets of Oakland, can you find your way to Lake Merritt starting in East Oakland?

This limited edition ombre print is created at the end of my rainbow print runs. I mix up the remaining rainbow ink on the screen to create prints with wild ombre streaks. Each print is unique, and wildly different. Select the print you would like to purchase using the dropdown menu!

Shop local and take home a truly unique piece of art only you will own.

Each screen print comes with an extra print of the maze you can solve. All my prints come in standard sizes for easy framing (frame not included).

"Geometry is the archetype of the beauty of the world." —Johannes Kepler

"Geometry is the archetype of the beauty of the world." —Johannes Kepler