My Favorite Parks with Views in the Bay Area

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Spring is finally here and summer fast approaching! Before the green hills of the Bay Area fade to a dusky yellow, make sure to visit these gorgeous parks for their winning views of the bay. 

Happy exploring! 

Coyote Hills Regional Park (Fremont)


Driving up to Coyote Hills park won't afford you any striking views of the bay at a glance. First, you will need to park your car and trek up one of the many red and green hills to take in the stunning views of the bay, San Francisco, and the Dumbarton Bridge. 

Besides striking views, tons of bird wildlife call Coyote Hills home. Make sure to bring your camera, and binoculars for bird watching!

Pro Tip: Bring $5 cash to park inside, or, leave your car just outside the entrance for FREE and walk a mile into the park. Bring a hat and sunscreen as there is no shade and it gets quite windy.

Twin Peaks (San Francisco)

Sutro Tower and Twin Peaks in San Francisco

Twin Peaks sits above San Francisco's famed Castro neighborhood. Those willing to make the trek to the top will get a close up view of San Francisco's iconic Sutro Tower and a 360 degree view of the entire San Francisco skyline. Drive up to the top, or for a steep calf-burning hike, walk up from Noe Valley or Castro.

Did you know my San Francisco maze map starts at the Golden Gate Bridge and ends at Sutro Tower?!

Tilden Regional Park (Berkeley)


Tilden Park has a little bit of something for everyone, from pigs and cows at the Tilden Little Farm, plants and trees from around California at the Tilden Botanical Gardens, and stunning views of the Briones Reservoir and the hills of Lafayette and Walnut Creek. 



Lands End (San Francisco)



Need a sweet shot of the Golden Gate Bridge, but want to avoid the crowds? Head over to Lands End for a lovely coastal walk complete with views of San Francisco's famed golden bridge!

Pro Tip: For more info on visiting Lands End, check out this blog post.

Briones Regional Park 


If you are prepared to climb some rather steep trails at Briones Regional Park, you will be rewarded with views of Mount Diablo and the verdant, green hills of Walnut Creek and Lafayette. Just don't say we didn't warn you on the steepness of the ascent!

About Dirt Alley Design

Michelle Chandra, founder, Dirt Alley DesignDirt Alley Design was founded just off a dirt alley in San Francisco in December of 2016 by artist Michelle Chandra. Inspired by the beauty of street grids, Michelle invented maze maps in which she transforms street grids into mazes. 

Mymaze art isn't just decorative art for your home, it's a real puzzle maze you can solve (if you dare!) I think my maze maps are pretty cool, but don't take just my word for it! My maze maps have been featured in LaughingSquidThe Creator's Project, Untapped Cities and UpOutSF.

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