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2016 Map Holiday Gift Guide

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It goes without being said that maps are pretty damn cool. If you are looking for an awesome holiday map gift for the cartonerd in your life, look no further! Here's Dirt Alley Design's roundup of my top five favorite map prints:

#1: Dirt Alley Design's Maze Map Posters

Okay, okay, this is an obvious first choice. Need I say more? My maze map poster of San Francisco is very cool, and looks great in a variety of spaces from a bedroom to an office. Plus its a maze, which means its appropriate for all ages (kids included!) Nuff said.


San Francisco Maze Map Poster, Dirt Alley Design, $0

#2: Jazzberry Blue Map Posters

Jazzberry Blue makes beautiful, colorful posters of city grids around the world highlighting the interesting shapes that make up the building lots of urban cities. Available as giclee prints, or on canvas!

Jazzberry Blue Etsy Store, $26+

#3: Archie's Press Mind Map Posters

If you are you looking for something that is a cross of data visualization and a map, than Archie's Press has you covered. Archie's maps show the mental models we hold of an urban space. Rather than showing a rigid definition of an area we might consider to be a neighborhood, Archie represents the general area as a circle.

Archie's Press Etsy Shop, $22+

#4: Ork Posters

The original neighborhood map! Ork Posters have been around since 2007 creating beautiful typographic representations of cities around the world. 

Ork Posters, $28+

#5: ManyMaps

Data visualization extraordinare Rachel Binx does it again with manymaps. Using manymaps, you can choose a location in the world to design and create your own map printed on demand!

Manymaps, $19

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