How to Screenprint Gold Map Art

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One of my most popular prints is my gold maps! The rich gold ink strikes just the right amount of bling on any wall. But how exactly do I screenprint my gold maps?

blue and gold chicago maze map art print puzzle labyrinth housewarming gift by dirt alley design

My Chicago maze map is especially striking in gold!

First Up - The Ink

To create these prints, I use metallic gold screenprinting ink created by Jacquard (based in California!) These water-based, non-toxic inks print a rich metallic gold.

michelle chandra of dirt alley design screenprinting

Working with metallic inks can be tricky though! Metallic inks have a tendency to dry in the screen faster. To extend my screenprinting time, I mix an extender into the ink.

Wait, Wait, Wait! What is screenprinting?

Screenprinting is the process of push ink through a mesh screen to print a design. First, the design is "burned" onto the mesh using a photoemulsion. Where the design washes away, the ink transfers through the mesh printing whatever design you want on any substrate be it wood, paper, or fabric!

screenprinting gold ink on a vacuum table

A Vacuum Table

I screenprint all of my prints on a homemade vacuum table. The vacuum suction holds the paper in place while printing resulting in clean, sharp prints!

screen printing table setup

After each print is screenprinted, I place the prints on a drying rack to air dry!

Michelle ChnadraDirt Alley Design was founded just off a dirt alley in San Francisco in December of 2016 by artist Michelle Chandra. Inspired by the beauty of street grids, Michelle invented maze maps in which she transforms street grids into mazes. 

My maze art isn't just decorative art for your home, it's a real puzzle maze you can solve (if you dare!) I think my maze maps are pretty cool, but don't take just my word for it! My maze maps have been featured in LaughingSquidThe Creator's Project, Untapped Cities and UpOutSF.

artist process

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