Cool Puzzles and Mazes Galore! Check out these A-Mazeing Puzzle Gifts.

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It goes without being said that at Dirt Alley Design, I am a big fan of puzzles and mazes! Solving a fun puzzle or maze brings me right back to childhood, and is a good excuse to put my phone down and shut my laptop for a little while.

Here is a short list of my favorite analog puzzles and mazes for the next time you are looking for a challenge, or an a-mazeing gift!

Domino Puzzle Maze

Domino Puzzle Maze

This domino game also houses two additional puzzles! The beautifully designed tile pieces can be played like the traditional dominoes game. However, they also can be arranged flat to create a maze! Once you have figured out the correct maze arrangement, can you solve the resulting maze as well?

Domino Puzzle Maze

This captivating puzzle was created by an Italian designer and is available in the US from Art of Play

Feed the Cat Maze Puzzle

Feed the Cat Puzzle Maze

Made by Creative Crafthouse here in the US, this charming and delightful puzzle is lasercut from wood and acrylic. A traditional wood and ball design, you  maneuver a small metal ball from the cat's mouth to its, ahem derriere. The tricky part is that some of the entrances and exits of the puzzle are concealed from sight!  

Nervous System Geode Puzzles
Nervous System Geode Agate Puzzle

This algorithmic, generative puzzle is inspired by the beautiful stone formation of banded agates. A computer simulation creates a unique banded agate design for each puzzle geode slice, while the puzzle pieces themselves are cut from a dense maze like pattern. Very cool! Made by Nervous System in Boston.

Aztek Packing Puzzle

Aztec Packing Puzzle

The creation of German puzzle designer Jean-Claude Constantin, this limited edition packing puzzle requires you to fit the intricate pieces into the frame. The design is inspired by the Aztec civilization. The pieces are quite similar to each other making fitting them into the small space a challenge!

Dirt Alley Design Maze Maps

rainbow minneapolis poster art print by dirt alley design
Okay okay, I couldn't resist a plug for my solvable puzzle mazes created using the streets of different cities. My screenprinted maze maps come with an extra print of the maze to solve. And each city maze starts and ends at iconic landmarks. Own them all!

Looking for More Puzzles and Mazes?

Check out the Mr. Puzzle YouTube Channel for tons of video reviews on interesting puzzles from around the world.

Michelle ChandraDirt Alley Design was founded just off a dirt alley in San Francisco in December of 2016 by artist Michelle Chandra. Inspired by the beauty of street grids, Michelle invented maze maps in which she transforms street grids into mazes. 

My maze art isn't just decorative art for your home, it's a real puzzle maze you can solve (if you dare!) I think my maze maps are pretty cool, but don't take just my word for it! I've been featured in LaughingSquidThe Creator's Project, Untapped Cities and UpOutSF. 

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